Ketamine Recall

Ketamine is commonly used in veterinary surgical procedures, and a nationwide recall has been announced.

If your pet is scheduled for surgery, please read this and make sure your vet has seen the specific details about which lots have been recalled. 

Veterinarians who have this product in their possession are instructed to cease using the product immediately and return it to their distributor.
Ketamine Hydrochloride is a rapid acting, non-narcotic, non-barbiturate agent for anesthetic use in cats and for restraint in subhuman primates. This recall is being conducted as a result of an increased trend in serious adverse events associated with this product, including lack of effect, prolonged effect, and death and involves all lot numbers within expiration.
Although Teva is recalling all 27 lots of their ketamine dated from September 2009 to February 2012, their explanation leaves room for confusion, and they had not yet issued a clarification statement to their veterinary customers as of this date.  

There are other pages linked within the article with more details,  but I thought this article best outlined the concern that most veterinarians would not yet be informed of how widespread this recall really is:  Teva makes ketamine for other companies as well, so every ketamine label should be checked.