Sam & Lily - Homeward Bound

Click the title link to read about Sam & Lily on their long trip to their new home. National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network (NASRN) rescues and rehomes Anatolian Shepherd Dogs and other Livestock Guardian Dog breeds who would otherwise not have a chance.  Large breed dogs are often simply euthanized in shelters due to size and LGDs in particular do not fare well in the mainstream rescue system.  Big dogs, often from farms or rural areas, they are typically confused and shy in enclosed kennels, and being usually of calm demeanor, they do not "show" well to the average shelter worker or potential adopter.

NASRN works very hard to place each dog in an appropriate home, and uses a
network of foster homes to help keep the dogs out of shelters. Each dog is evaluated and adoptions are carefully considered to ensure the greatest success in the new home, so that the dog and adopting family are matched as closely as possible.

Sam & Lily had a rough time finding the right home, but are now on their way. An incredible team of volunteers have organized, driven, generously opened their homes and gone to great lengths to keep these two bonded friends together. Read the older posts on the blog to see how far they've come already, and check back on Sunday to see them arrive at their new home.