Chicken Foot - Magic Pacifier?

Earlier this morning, Fletcher Lou was draped across deep grass in the shade of the back yard, chewing. His eyes were closed, his head was low and turned to the side, and he was carefully holding a whole, dehydrated, chicken foot between his big flexible paws. It took him at least 15 minutes to work his way through that one grisly item, even though he started out by gnawing the ankle bone right off. It looked like he was using the longest claw to clean his back teeth.

Did I mention this thing is grisly?

You may be wondering; whatever possessed anyone to dry out a whole chicken foot in the first place?
The answer can be found in a convergence between "that which lies unsold in the farmer's freezer," and my dehydrator. Although chicken feet are in high demand during the winter months when savvy cooks make chicken stock against the flu and cold season; come spring they don't sell quite as fast.  I'm always on the lookout for good ways to avoid wasting anything, so I dehydrated a few to see how they'd turn out. It took days, but the resulting product was weird enough to be sold on ebay as the Ultimate IT Computer Support Tool™.  That market was easy to saturate, however, which works out fine for Annie and Fletcher. These feet have been extremely effective as ├╝ber-high-value treats with the power to create a Cone of Silence around my dogs. Since they are simply washed, frozen, and then dehydrated, they are completely digestible, and mainly composed of plaque-scraping cartilage and crunchy (non-splintering) bones, with enough tendons and marrow to act like floss while providing essential Omega 3 and 6.  Nothing has been added, so they are only healthy, pasture-raised chicken.

Why am I telling you all this? Ah, that's simple! Tomorrow at the SoTJ market, I'll have a limited supply of these gnarly dried chicken foot critter-pacifiers in my clutches, and if you get there early, you could bring one home to your favorite beast. Some dogs will devour them on sight, others may prefer to retreat to a quiet place and gnaw for quite awhile. Find out just how focused Wowzer can be once he's got something REALLY interesting in his paws!