A Few Thoughts

While gathering and loading for the South of the James Market this morning, I caught myself wishing I'd posted some things here earlier this week. This is happening more often lately, but it always seems I'm far from a keyboard when the ideas strike.

Herewith, in no particular order: Due to the growing demand, I'm now bringing more whole chicken feet with me, and searching for more sources to increase the supply. Please bear with me while I track down more farmers willing to let go of their feet (grin) and meanwhile, the early bird gets the fresh dried tootsies.

More and more folks are bringing their dogs to market, which is great to see, and each one is welcome to stop by the red DogTown Lounge booth for a snack and a drink of water. This time of year it's easy to forget that your dog can't manage body heat the way you do, and needs rest, shade and water to compensate for their inability to sweat. They also need to be able to pant freely, as that is their main method of cooling off. This makes it essential that you fit their Gentle Leader properly; loose over the nose and tight around the neck just behind the ears. If it's tight enough, the neck part will stay in place, which helps keep the nose part from twisting off center, and inadvertently holding the dog's mouth closed. I'm always happy to help refit or adjust your dog's collar or Gentle Leader while you're visiting the booth.

A recall was just announced for Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Chicken, 5-lb. and 28-lb. bags, due to risk of Salmonella contamination. Best by date of June 17, 2011. I'll post more formally with a link, but this is a pre-emptive recall by Natural Balance; no illnesses have been reported.

 More later, hope to see smiling happy faces and wagging tails today, it's lovely out there!