Two Pet Food Recalls

Here is the link for the FDA pet food recall I mentioned in the previous post.  Natural Balance is asking that all 5 and 28 lb bags of Sweet Potato & Chicken Dry Dog Food with the "Best By" date of June 17, 2011, be returned to place of purchase for a full refund. Salmonella was found during random quality testing; there have been no reported illnesses to date. The FDA page also describes symptoms to watch out for in humans and pets who may have been exposed to Salmonella. The affected products were not distributed in Virginia.

Another pet food recall has been issued, this one is for Iams ProActive Health canned Cat and Kitten Food – all varieties of 3 oz & 5.5 oz cans, dated 09/2011 to 06/2012 and distributed nationwide. The affected food is deficient in thiamin (Vitamin B1), which is necessary for cats to remain healthy. Proctor & Gamble recommends that these cans be discarded. Please do NOT donate these cans to rescue! Symptoms of thiamin deficiency, the hotline number to call if you have these products, and more details from the FDA.