Change & A Chuckle

November has flown by so fast, and there have been a few changes in recent weeks. The most noticeable one is the new Bagasse 32 oz containers for Charley Chow. The manufacturer discontinued the old ones with short notice, forcing me to seek a new solution amidst tight production deadlines. Fortunately, the lovely Jocelyn Tice at Green Duck was able to quickly find a suitable bowl-shaped container in the right size, still made from compost-able, recyclable Bagasse. The lids are much bigger now, which sent me into a mad scramble to redesign labels, but they fit better than the previous ones did. Four batches later, some of you have these new wider containers already, and I look forward to hearing how they're working out.

While the Usual Crowd has been consistently in favor of perpetual taste-testing of dried treats for cats, there was a rousing chorus of purrs over this week's test product. Made from pastured pork heart and tongue from Faith Farms in Green Bay, it is ground, mixed and then dehydrated to a cat-tantalizing crisp. A few half-ounce samples will be available at South of the James market Nov. 27th, just ask for "Crunchy Pig."

A photo gallery is in the works. There have been so many gorgeous dogs willingly posing for the "Sitting Pretty" album on the DogTown Lounge Facebook page, and I hope to make all those photos easily viewable here as well. Stay tuned, and if you'd like a larger resolution digital file of your sweet baby's smiling face, please send an email, and I'll reply with the original.

Ault's Family Farm has provided big, healthy, clean, pasture-raised, raw chicken feet, which do take a few days to dehydrate into a toothsome treat for dogs, but Annie & Fletcher have been VERY encouraging. Two frequently heard comments in the booth on recent Saturdays have been "That's disgusting!" followed almost immediately by "My dog would LOVE these!" Some dogs snarf them down in a flash, others take longer to demolish one of these than they do a whole bone; it really depends upon the dog.
Here are some before and after chicken foot photos,
click to view larger:

As you can see from their expressions, they really look forward to these. Notice that Annie was wagging so hard she couldn't sit still, and Fletcher dropped to the ground in anticipation, - all I did was show them what I had in my hand! Although the fresh, local chicken season is almost at an end, there will be whole dried chicken feet for the next few weeks at least. Do stop by and pick one up while they last!

And finally, this wonderful post brought tears to my eyes - tears of laughter, that is. From the delightful blog Hyperbole and a Half, put your coffee down and enjoy Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving.

See you at the market!