A Real Life Experience

This thoughtful, enthusiastic email emerged from an online discussion about raw feeding, and the author has generously given permission to share it with you:

Cassie's a Border Collie and they are usually soooo healthy, but by 3 years old her teeth/gums were already a bad problem. She rejected dry food as best she could and couldn't have Greenie type products because she bolted them. After cleaning surgery at that young age she had trouble waking up from the anesthesia which scared me to death.
Not only that, but she had been intubated, and in spite of the antibiotics she got an infection from it in her salivary glands, which was very painful and took 2 additional months on antibiotics to clear up. I am not fond of antibiotics either.

She also had a bad problem with allergies and all the associated symptoms. Her anal glands were always full and irritated and she would drag her butt until it was sore. I'm a heavy gardener and have allergies, too, so I blamed the yard and the park, etc. But it was all about her food.

I love raw and wish everybody would just TRY it for a week or two, or long enough to see and "feel" the differences. The happiness "feeling" from Cassie and all her body language was obvious almost immediately. Everything changed almost over night. She toned up and had so much running/playing energy, but in the house she was more calm than ever. She's smarter and smells sweeter, doesn't shed and she's easier to pick up after, too. Chalk.

The Vet was hesitant, but I told her I was going to do it and that I hoped she would work with me on it so we could stay with her. She's a believer now and has been blown away by Cassie's sustained excellent health for 5 years. I have every reason to believe that what I was feeding Cassie was wrong for her, but all she could do about it was not eat it. That's not much of a choice.

People want to do what's right for their 4 leggers and believe what they think they know. It's weird. Only 50 years ago dog food was put on the market. It's like, what did we do without it? Well ... whatever we did, we did it just fine ... without filler and advertising and rat poison from China.

Cassie hasn't even needed a vet (except one check-up and a sprained foot) since raw feeding, other than her shots like rabies. Her skin and coat are great and she loves meal time. We have found what's good for us, and I love to hear that the good news is spreading. Thanks to you! Your products are helping people and I will support that any way I can.

-D. Kennedy

It's always so wonderful to hear about a pet's health turning around for the better! If you have a story to share about your experience with raw feeding, please comment, email, or tap me on the shoulder at the market - I'd love to hear it!