Where's the Lounge?

Happy Spring! Have you wondered where to find your pet's favorite treat this spring? Some local markets have shifted, & I'm "going Mobile," so this should help sort that out:

Saturdays 8am - noon at The Farmer's Market at St. Stephens
If you haven't been, please plan to check it out on a Saturday morning, and you'll be enjoying the shade, clean pavement, village-style layout, nice variety & selection of local vendors, all with ample parking nearby.

Sundays Mobile Lounge popups on the sidewalk in front of Cary Court, please follow me on Twitter for locations and times. Hoping to add more Mobile Lounge appearances throughout the summer.

Tuesdays 3 - 6:30 at Birdhouse Farmers Market
The entrepid vendors of Byrd House Market have organized under a new name, and are continuing the same style of market as we've all come to love, just a few blocks west. Starting May 3rd; we've continued the usual market every Tuesday all winter, and will be there for the next few weeks in the meantime.

Wednesdays 3:30 - 6 at Urban Farm Stand with Victory Farms
Gina & Charlie are generously allowing me to join them this summer!

As most of my customers are well-aware, I'm a one-woman company, so whenever I'm out somewhere, selling at a booth, that's when I'm not producing more delicious treats for your pet. To increase efficiency, the Mobile Lounge will become increasingly available for very short appearances in specific locations. This means I can take a break, set up and meet some customers, then head back to the Lounge to make some more goodies. To further that goal, I've set up a small online store, so that you can pre-pay, and then pick up your order while you're out walking your dog. Feedback appreciated! DogTown Lounge Store

As a token of appreciation for your patience in reading this far, and especially for sticking with me during this time of transition, go take a stroll through these wonderful portraits by Robert Bahou: Animal Souls. Their expressions transcend mere human languages. Enjoy!