Fostering The Gidget Bean

As many of you know, here at the Lounge, we've often fostered dogs on their way to a new life. Typically, these dogs are very large, Livestock Guardian Dog types, Anatolians and their mixes. Recently, I took on a puppy that was alleged to be part Great Pyrenees, which she's clearly not.

Here's the 7 month old puppy Fletcher & I are fostering; Ms Gidget "The Bean" Wigglebutt. We had been looking for a good companion for Fletcher, whose 10.5 years are beginning to show, and he's slowing down.

Gidget is not the one he was looking for, and he's definitely still looking, so Gidget will need to find just the right family to call home.

What do we know about this little girl? She's the daughter of an Am. Staffie and some unknown fluffy guy, which I suspect was a traveling Poodle. He must have been quite the charmer, because she is ALL about charming the people!

Gidget's main focus is Being At Your Side. She's so delighted to discover that she can trade behavior for treats, praise and affection, that she has been learning very swiftly.

Gidget knows "get in your crate" and does so willingly. She's housebroken, and a good communicator about going in or out; just beginning to learn to ring a bell now.

Gidget has a lot of energy, and would enjoy having a doggie companion for romping and chasing. She's learning about cats, but having trouble controlling that love of chasing with Josef, who enjoys high drama, chase & fight scenes. We're also working on leash training, foot awareness, face-licking reduction, and her greeting style, which is very enthusiastic.

Gidget loves to snuggle, and is quite willing to lie quietly nearby, especially if she can be in physical contact, like curled up against you on the sofa. She adores children, and has voluntarily belly-crawled up to toddlers to lick their feet. Her demeanor, love of people, and apparent sensitivity to medical issues make her an excellent candidate for anyone seeking a working dog, whether personal therapy, professional therapy, or service dog. She is also a very athletic and flexible girl, who would probably enjoy a partnership-oriented sport such as agility or flyball.

Currently 35lbs, will be around 45 lbs, 18" tall. Medium curly coat, black and red brindle, with white Dutch collar, blaze, tuxedo, and 4 white paws.
Please contact me directly with any questions.