Since 2003, I've been making natural raw food and treats for my pets, using only fresh raw meat and healthy locally-grown ingredients.
My goal is to help you keep your best friend healthy and happy too.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Does Your Cat 'Nip?

The catnip crop has been sorely hindered by this summer's drought and heat, so this weekend's batch was snapped up pretty quickly by cat-lovers at the market.  As I apologized for the limited supply, a young visitor asked how catnip works; what is it that makes cats act so crazy when they smell it?

Since I wasn't sure, I looked it up, and learned that

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Anniversaries & Beginnings

7 years ago, I drove from Richmond to Roanoke to meet a skinny, frightened, abused dog I'd seen in a picture on Petfinder. The family fostering her were very generous; allowing me to sit with her until she let me touch her, and that was the moment that I decided to bring her back with me to DogTown, where she proceeded to change my life completely. 

Everything that's happened here since then is directly linked to Annie's arrival in 2003, especially my conversion to raw feeding, which is the reason for the existence of Mugsy's DogTown Lounge.