Since 2003, I've been making natural raw food and treats for my pets, using only fresh raw meat and healthy locally-grown ingredients.
My goal is to help you keep your best friend healthy and happy too.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dog Years

Thinking this morning about the multi-faceted culture of the Mosuo people, an agrarian tribe living on Lugu Lake  in China. There are many reasons to study these unique people of the "Women's Kingdom," with their special method of preserving pork, traditionally sustainable growing practices,  brightly colored fabrics, and strongly matriarchal socio-political system. My mind keeps returning to a lovely Mosuo myth involving dogs. 

 It is traditional for each Mosuo child to be formally celebrated into their 13th year on January 1st, in a feast with specific rituals symbolic of new adult rights and responsibilities. Standing at the support pole for the mother's house, one foot on pork, the other on rice, each child dons the full skirt, or long trousers, of their first set of adult clothing. They complete their step into adulthood by offering food to the household dogs; the first of a lifetime of such formally offered meals. Here is the story behind that ritual. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Moving Forward

It's been 10 years since I first started feeding raw meat to my severely malnourished and abused rescue dog Annie. I watched in amazement as her body swiftly healed, her fur grew plush and her expression turned from fear and distrust to sweetness and affection. It took almost 6 months of research and experimentation to find just the right combination of ingredients to provide all the nutrition that her body might need, in an easily digestible and tasty recipe that she'd devour with delight. Watching her grow into a healthy, lovely, and confident companion gave me the impetus to start DogTown Lounge in the hopes that other pets might benefit from what I've learned.