Since 2003, I've been making natural raw food and treats for my pets, using only fresh raw meat and healthy locally-grown ingredients.
My goal is to help you keep your best friend healthy and happy too.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dried Chicken Fingers!

Searching for a healthy dog treat suitable for your raw fed pets?
Something they can really get their teeth into, without preservatives or grains?

Dried Chicken Fingers, a dried chicken jerky made from fresh raw wing tips, might be what your dog is craving. Jerking meat is a traditional method of meat preservation, during which the chicken fingers are dehydrated slowly for a long time. This process does not cook the chicken, but does make it easier for humans to handle, while increasing its shelf life. A high value treat can keep YOU the center of attention, even when Bowzer and squirrels collide! Chewy, and crunchy, it'll help keep your favorite companion's teeth clean and white.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Who's Spike?

 Spike the Cat was a Birman/Russian Blue kitten born under my bed in April, 1991, to Ms. Sally Forth, aka Thing; a Russian Blue found near Monroe Park a few months earlier. She'd arrived mid-winter, and apparently chose to stay after sampling the local mouse population, and the handsome Birman on the next block.

Spike had a long and illustrious career as a decorative and warming sofa-cushion, with extraordinary purring levels.  He was a large, plush, snuggley guy who purred like a boat motor, and had only one thing to say: "Mur." His purr was so loud that a guest once woke me during the night to report that there was a "strange buzzing noise" coming from the corner of her room. It was Spike, settling in for the night.