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Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labrador Day!

Hello Again! Well, it's been so long since I updated this blog, I might as well just jump right back in on the question most often heard on this lovely long weekend: "What can my dog safely chew?" As I look up into the troubled eyes of each doting new owner of the inevitably wiggly Labrador puppy in front of me, I completely understand. Your new puppy is experiencing life through his mouth, and nothing is safe from his full expression of the joy of chewing. You've got about 2 years to redirect, distract, refocus and channel that oral trait into something you can live with, and I'll be glad to help you survive them!

There's some confusing information out there about which types of things are safe for your dog to chew, so I sat down on this Labor Day to offer up some links. It's not hard to find articles backing my opinions, except that they all seem to invariably end with something like this:

"Whether or not your dog has problems with rawhide chews, you might want to try a variety of chewing treats and toys, including rawhide, natural marrow bones, and hard rubber toys to fully satisfy your dog’s chewing and other needs." - from the self-referential

Since they'd just gone on for 2 pages about all the perils of rawhide, it seems odd that they'd include them again. I don't recommend rawhides, for all of the reasons from that article, as well as my one core belief about All Things That Dogs Can Chew, which is: if it's not perishable, don't give it to your dog.